The Lightweight Alternative to Heavyweight Granite Surfaces  

  What is GraniteLight?

GraniteLight counter top sample corner

GraniteLight is a lightweight alternative to solid granite & conventional granite-substitute counter tops and surfaces. No other solid surface material or counter top system combines light weight, durability and strength the way GraniteLight does.

GraniteLight cutaway image

Durability is built in to the solid surface, and when you need to reduce weight and still keep strength, our high density core fits the bill. No other counter top system is this versatile or dependable.

Granite-Light is manufactured at 3/4" total thickness, with a 3/16" solid surface, 5/8" high density core, and 1/16" protective backing. Different types of edging sytems & materials can be used to match the look and requirements of your application.

Our solid surface and lightweight core feature the following:

  • Resists water and mold
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Cleans up easily
  • Repairable
  • Surface withstands temperatures of 500 degrees
  • Versatile for many different applications
  • Easy to cut, machine and work with